Tuesday, June 26, 2007

there's something about ..... entertainment

Recently my life has been bland.

Too bland. Nothing exciting. Nothing amusing.... until today

I caught abit of the Channel 8 drama serial at 7pm about rivalry between 2 foot reflexology shops apparently own by 2 brothers. While the story revolves round feet (exciting stuffs), something caught my EYE.

I thought Darren Lim looks different. I couldn't pin point exactly what's wrong, I meant... we are talking about Darren Lim here, not Christopher Lee, not even Mark Lee. The fact that I know he is Darren Lim would rank him as popular as Steven Lim. That is some achievement.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out exactly what's wrong until I asked my wife.

My wife, the ever super observant, said "He now got Double eye Lid lah".


Firstly, my wife notice such things!!!!

Secondly, Darren Lim needs to sue the plastic Surgeon who did that. HE LOOKS UGLY!! Yes... UGLY is the word. It's the first time I come across someone who actually look worse after they have done a plastic surgery.

Thirdly, he needs to see a shrink!!

And What the hell is he thinking???! You are in your 30s and you decided "What the heck, my double eye-lid is too single, let's change it". I mean... HELLOOOO.... is that what you think during your free time? How about Worldly Issues like Net's Fee increase, Richard Yong dissappear, Christopher Lee out of Prison.....

I pity his wife. It's bad enough to have a husband who is that vain, now she has a husband whose eye-lid resembles Sylvester Stallone.

Also today, I read that a Asian Super Star is opening a cafe in Singapore, the first of many global franchises to come.


Great!! Our childhood super hero is finally opening a cafe in Singapore. I bet it's real cool to be seen in JC cafe!! Jackie Chan leh!!! Don't pray pray. The spokeman for the cafe said that they will be the first cafe in the world to serve "Chinese Tea". COOL!!! I mean Cafe and Chinese Tea is like Bread and butter, Tarzan and Jane, Darren Lim and Sylvester Stallone.

And Jackie Chan. What can I say.

We grew up idolises him. You probably is shy to admit it but he was our hero growing up. You kinda hope he knows when to stop. Like stop making movies about a tux that gives you superhuman powers, or a medal that gives you powers, or a machine that lets you travel rounds the world, or some period movie about going back in time.

If you ask your hong kong friends, they will tell you that nobody watches JC anymore. And that is sad to know.

But hey, for sentimental people like us, we can always go to California Gym or JC cafe.

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