Thursday, March 03, 2005

there's something about ..... the amazing race

I'm a super big fan of The Amazing Race. Super Big!

Watching the opening sequence and the last leg of the race always give me the goose-bumps. Even on repeats.

I think why I'm such a big fan it's because the show encompasses 3 elements that is very ME. Travel, competition and spontaneity.

I'm such a big fan I actually downloaded the application form from the website when they were doing casting for Amazing Race 8. I reckon 1 month away from work ain't that bad if I win 1 million dollars. If I don't, I reckon I'm probably away for only 2 to 3 weeks. Just take it as a holiday lor.

I reckon they have never featured an Asian and if I can find another crazy fellow, get ourself into some stupid relationship like agent-client, colleague-colleague, married cousins, distant cousins, vulgar buddies whatever, we stand a good chance.

But I guess I could only dream on.... one of the criteria states that You have to be an American!

Today is the start of AR 8. Of course, the media has been hyping up this season because of the participation of Survivors All Star winner Amber and runner up Rob, who are both engaged.

After watching it, I felt the Survivors pair is obnoxious. They keep talking about Survivors and their 1 million dollars, and how they will win AR8. This makes good TV and I think they will be the most hated pair. My tip for top 3 finishing.

Surprise... Surprise. Also featuring in this race, with no publicity AT ALL, is that Geek from that Heneiken Advertisement featuring Jennifer Aniston. You know that one where Aniston couldn't reach for the Heneiken on the higher shelf and this geek, who look so smitten, went over to take it for himself. He and his brother looks very strong and none of that geeky personality.

This will be the most exciting race yet!

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