Friday, September 15, 2006

there's something about ..... news

I walk past a newspaper vendor yesterday while waiting for someone and came across the headline in the NEW PAPER. It says "Mistress give one-eye dragon a baby"
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Wah biang. SINGAPORE DAMN Drama-less. Our lives is so damn bored that a murderer/loan shark's offspring is reported in our daily newspaper.

Imagine a IMF delegate bought the newspaper and ask the Singaporean's representative....

IMF delegate: May I know what is this one-eye dragon? Is it a endangered species in the zoo and you guys managed to ensure this species do not extinct?

Singapore rep: err.... yes.. it's endangered before.... and this species will soon be extinct.

IMF delegate: Oh... then you guys did a wonderful job to ensure there is now a off-spring. Is this dragon like a Cameleon?

Singapore rep: er... no.. it's a shark.

IMF delegate: wow.... a shark that looks like a dragon... I just knew Singapore is exotic... can I go to the zoo to see it...

Singapore rep: err.....

Just wonderful.

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