Monday, July 02, 2007

there's something about ..... old times

Today I was chit-chatting with Coolcat.

We were talking about old gadgets. She was talking about DVD recorder.... and I told her I still have 2 Video Recorder at home of which one of them needs repair.


If you walk into any shopping mall now, you will have a hard time finding a VCR for sale. I remember the last VCR I bought about 2 years ago costs me $199. Now a DVD recorder w/o hard disk cost about $200plus.

That VCR didn't last too long. Unlike my other trusted VCR that lasted me like 10 years and still working fine.

Remember G-codes? That failed big time.

All you need is to refer to your TV guide, refer to the codes next to it, key the codes into into your VCR and the show will be recorded automatically.

It failed so badly that local newspaper publisher decided to abandon the codes totally in order to save ink.

My older VCR got the G-code function. Damn Happening.

Coolcat mention that she still has LD player at home.

The joke about my Family is that we are never too huge on technology. I have never had a LD player. I kinda past 2 Generation of Home Entertainment. 2?

Yes. I didn't even have VCD player during those days when they were huge.

I jumped straight to DVD players when they were able to play VCDs. And the joke is that I didn't even jump straight to DVD players immediately. I only got my first DVD player about few years back when the price is about $200.

And now a DVD recorder is about $200.

It seems that is my personal trigger price for me to buy any equipment.

I'm still deciding between a VCR if I can find it, or repair the VCR or buy a DVD recorder.

Tough Choice!

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Old Beng said...

My VCR player is still working as well as my LD player.