Monday, September 29, 2008

there's something about ..... Singapore GP

1.) 100,000 spectators demographics as follows:
a.) 40,000 tourists
b.) 10,000 fans
c.) 50,000 curious spectators

2.) Only in Singapore, police are deployed, not to ensure safety, but to ensure no ones can watch SGP for free, as evident at the link bridge between Suntec City and Marina Square.

3.) They have done everything right, except removing the "curbs" at turn 7, aka "little tortise" by Felipe Massa.

4.) We are so unique that our PM, wore a formal black suit, to give out the trophy. Whatever happen to our national dress.

5.) Our race track come with so many lines etc: continuous white lines, yellow bus lanes, permanant bus lanes, broker white lines, zig zag line, double zig zag lines, arrows. Some drivers were reportedly nauseaus.

6.) Because of the lamps, they conveniently built "barricades" up to the lamps, it seems like we were racing inside a cage.

7.) This race is also unique that we saw someone started at grid 14 winning the race, and someone started at grid 1 coming in last.

8.) Rain was expected during the race week, but came 1 day after Race Day.


Lin said...

Did you see the recycled material...err....I mean...the trophy?


Anonymous said...

hello.... designer piece ok... selangor pewter ok... dun pray pray.

Anonymous said...

Some designers need a little more help than others. *ding*