Sunday, February 04, 2007

there's something about ..... another final

I quote this from NEWPAPER today from a Thailand Fan:

"Singapore is not an original team! The team is made up of foreigners. I want to be at the stadium for the final because I am pround to be Thai. I want an original Thai team to beat this team of foreign recruits. Maybe they should not call this the Asean Football Championship. They should rename it as the World Cup because half the Singapore Team came from other countries." Ma Wen Chang, a 56 years old Thai Chinese businessman.

This is so not true.

Let me go thru the team list, we have:

1.) Itimi Dickson
2.) Shi Jia Yi
3.) Mustafic Fahrudin
4.) Daniel Bennett
5.) Precious Emuejeraye

See, it's not true at all. It's 45% of the team!! Not 50%

Unless this Thai fan thought our keeper "Lionel Lewis" is foreigner.

Come to think of it, Singapore team also very unique. We have a Ang Moh with a Malay Name and we have a Singaporean with Ang Moh name.

Ok... let me make a prediction.

Thailand to beat Singapore 1-0 and win on Away goal.

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