Friday, February 02, 2007

there's something about ..... january

This is one super high octane, emotions roller-coaster month.

I had one of my busiest month to date. Might as well, as I think coming February will be one of my free-est month ever.

2 weeks ago, my dad was hospitalised. All is well now, but it was traumatic when it happens.

And for some really strange coincidence, my son got viral fever on 29th Jan.... exactly 1 year ago on 29th Jan... he too had a viral fever.

Both resulted to visits to KK hospital.

Just suddenly, he was shivering under the blanket during his nap. We thought he just woke up and was playing but only to realised he was shivering. His temperature was 41 degrees and my wife and mum immediately took a taxi and send him to KK. I met up with them there. After his temperature subsided, we went back home. Doc says it's viral fever after the blood and urine test shows negative of any other virus.

Last year, one of my wife's colleague told her that the benefits of going to KK is that, if you return the next day, you would not have to pay again.

I've the unfortunate chance to proof that theory wrong.

We went back again the next day. This time roung, it was more worrying as my son, with his limited communication skills, told us that he has "pain pain" around his chest area. I lift up his shirt and saw very big breathing and his heartbeat was too pronounced. This got us even more worried than the shivering espisode the day before.

This time round, I was home.

The whole family managed to get out of the house and in the car like in 2 mins and we reach KK in a little less than 15 mins.

His heartbeat was 211 per minute.

But we realised all the worry was for nothing as the doctor said that it was normal for that kind of heart-rate during fever and my son's pain could be discomfort due to constipation.

So they inject lubricant into my son's anal via a syringe. MY GOD!!!! My heart sank so bloody low.

He is still recovering but things are looking a bit better.

This year of Dog is really bad where health is concern for the whole family. I look forward to better health in year of Pig.


Anonymous said...

let's hope the year of pig will be a better and less stressful year for all of us.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Dude, hope everyone in your family are ok now.

Anonymous said...


As of 6th Feb, still recovering.