Wednesday, September 05, 2007

there's something about ..... sway

"sway" as in " bad luck".

A friend of that national serviceman who was charged for carrying a firearm has been charged for knowing about it and not reporting it to police.

Read excerpt from asiaone:

A full-time national serviceman, Dave Teo Ming, 20, was charged in court on Wednesday with carrying a firearm.

Another man, Ong Boon Jun, 21, was also charged. Ong, unemployed was accused of consorting with Teo at a hotel in Geylang.

No plea was taken from Teo, who was remanded together with Ong.

Teo, a corporal, is said to have unlawfully carried the SAR 21 assault rifle at a toilet on the third floor of Cathy Cineleisure Orchard at about 8pm on Sunday.

He went missing on Sunday night, sparking off a 20-hour manhunt which culminated in his arrest the following evening.

Ong is alleged to have associated with Teo at Champagne Hotel in Lorong 16 between 3.45am and 7.30am on Monday in circumstances which raised a reasonable presumption that he knew that Teo was carrying the firearm.


Ong (friend): Wah.. bookout never go back.. come geylang find chicken issit

Dave: No lah.. I AWOL.

Ong: Haha.. Mai Siao lah... you backside itchy issit. AWOL got money take ah.

Dave: Not only that.. I took out a rifle.

Ong: Haha... Mai siao lah.. Singapore Government leh.. so suka suka take rifle out one meh.. you think I stupid ah. You think I believe you that you can take rifle out one meh.

Dave: Don't believe.. forget it.

And because of that, Ong is deemed to have knew that Dave has firearms and will be charged.

I mean.. Very SWAY RIGHT!!!

I mean who would have believe someone is able to take a gun or rifle out of Army/police station. We are supposed to live in a society where we have very strict SOP that dealt with such things.

Damn jia lat.

If next time someone is to joke with me about such things, I wouldn't know what to do. Call Police first or police call you later.

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