Monday, November 03, 2008

there's something about ..... glock

U bloody asshole!!! U single-handedly change the result of Brazil GP!!!

Because of you, I hardly could sleep last night!!!

10 secs!! All I need is 10 secs for you to be in front of Lewis Hamilton!!! 10 secs!!! If Vettel could overtake Lewis in dry tyres, I don't see why you can't maintain your BLOODY 5th SPOT with dry tyres!!!! You were bloody leading by 18 secs entering the final lap and you can't even maintain your lead with 10 secs to go till the finishing line?!?!?!?!?

10 secs!!!

10 Secs and MASSA will win the championship!!!

I will not buy a TOYOTA in future!!


A friend reminded me.

Last year Massa purposely let Kimi passed and Kimi was able to win the championship beating Hamilton by 1 point.

For that act, Massa is paying off his bad karma.

I suspect my friend is a Hamilton fan.


Just read that Lewis Hamilton has a middle name. It's Lewis Carl Hamilton.

Apparently, he was named after Carl Lewis.

In a twist of fate, he might almost be named Johnson Hamilton, after Ben Johnson.

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