Wednesday, November 05, 2008

there's something about ..... US election

Today is US election... I just realised that I have followed US election since my school days... Why? I dunno.

Anyway... this year's election is interesting. New media, parodies took central stage.

Obama spent $4m on 30 minutes Advertisement last week just before the World Series on three major TV network.


He spent $0.

He just volunteer on SNL.


Had it not been the "Bush" factor, McCain would have been much closer to winning.

Anyway, while all polls shows a 10pct winning margin. I would think it's about 5pct, partly because of SNL.

Bush is a joke. And Americans voted him in for the second term.

McCain is an American Hero. That deserve something. Plus the fact that he can joke about losing in SNL.. that deserve a bit more.

My heart goes to McCain. My mind goes Obama.

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