Thursday, February 19, 2009

there's something about ..... $90

So a dutch-chinese save a girl from the Singapore River, got himself slightly injured with cuts from the stone, and complained that he must pay $90 medical bills from SGH for his good deed thru our mainstream newspaper....

I dunno what to think about this.

On one hand, I thought he is a cheapo. He stripped down to his underwear and jump into the sea. He took a couple of seconds to reason that he shouldn't have to pay for dry-cleaning for rescuing someone. And a couple of minutes to strip because he shouldn't have to pay for a new shirt if he strip too fast and torn his shirt.

On the other hand, I thought he is a accidental angry hero. He rescue the girl who didn't fell into the sea accidentally, it was an attempted suicide cos her boyfriend broke up with her. He even counselled her. I would also do the same counselling, maybe ask her to jump off a building so no one will have to get wet and cuts from rescuing her.

I can imagine his reactions at the hospital when the nurse ask him to pay $90.

"WTF?!? Are u sure? U better think carefully or I will talk to the press about your hospital!!"

Surely a raised tone must have taken place.

Yes. $90. It's not along of money. In fact, it's not about money, it's about principle I'm sure. When you do good deed, you should not be penalised further especially when you have already suffered cuts.

In fact, the girl who jump should pay for his $90. Yes.. she didn't ask him to rescue her. But she shouldn't jump as well. She should be fully responsible for that $90.

Or perhaps, this gentlemen should strike a compromise with the girl..

"we go dutch?"

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