Wednesday, February 18, 2009

there's something about ..... "r"

My mum's english is better than a indonesian maid but poorer than a phillipino maid.

Last week, my mum was trying to "test" my elder boy on his alphabets. There was this toy that display all the A to Z.

And so my mum ask him which one is "AARRR RERRRR"

My boy was eagerly trying to pass this little test but after struggling for so long, he couldn't seems to find "ARRR RERRR".

My mum was rather disappointed. My son should find "ARR RERR" as easy as eating sweet. That is when my mum told him "THIS IS ARR REERR" pointing to "r".

My son retorted "ARRRRR"


My son is at the stage where he take our adult language literally.

That day I ask him to recite A to Z.

My son : "A to Z"

Yesterday my wife was scolding him for not drinking his milk.

My wife: " must drink your milk, ok... you understand me!!"

My son : "yes..喝奶"


Anonymous said...

haha that's a funny one

Anonymous said...

Well get use to it. Shannon also like that. Sometimes we speak to her in English, Chinese, teochew or Cantonese. she can reply back in the same language. It feel so amazing. Sometimes she can ask or speak something back to you and then you can't answer back.
Kids are smart now, must be careful when we are speaking in front of them.