Sunday, October 29, 2006

there's something about ..... breath and missing

Still on music.

Just realised my blog feels a tad too old with the average age of music around 25 years old. I think it's time to average down and also shows the hip-hop nature of me. Afterall, if MP in their 30s can do hip hop, I also can.

Many years ago I believe around 1998, I came across a performance in the Grammy Award which blown me away. It was the best performance I've ever seen.

Unfortunately I couldn't find that video in Youtube but found another similar one. Not as good as the one in Grammy but nevertheless still blown me away.

The respective MTVs ....

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Anonymous said...

nice music videos.

Youtube is really wonder it is so successful. i also use it to search for taiwanese variety shows which i have no access to on local TV here.

Mr Anonymous