Friday, October 27, 2006

there's something about ..... name

Great!! Naming your kid is really important. Because my parents didn't think much when they name me and my name may sometimes become a joke.

you see... my name has a "kok" in it.

And since I identify myself as "kok ____", my clients expecially the caucasians will call me Mr ____ since to them, that is the last name or the surname.

Today, one of my client decided to be friendly and called me by my name.

She ended the conversation "Bye.... Cock"


Anonymous said...

Hehehehehe......glad you realised that. I look forward to the day when your son goes to Kindergarten &/or Primary School and is asked to write his full name in Chinese characters.

Anonymous said...

which reminds me of my JC math teacher. His name is Pang Sai Heng....i am not kidding you.

Mr Anonymous

coolcat said...

better bribe your son more... hahahaha