Monday, October 09, 2006

there's something about ..... dry tank

Q1: Have you ever wonder what is the petrol allowance in your petrol tank of your car when your "low petrol" indicator light up till the time the petrol runs dry?


Q2: Have you ever wonder what happen to your car when your petrol tank runs dry?


Q3: Have you ever wonder what you would do when your petrol tank runs dry?


These are the things your parents never teach you nor your teachers in school because no one EVER let their petrol tank runs dry...... NO ONE......

.... except ME!

Nabeh! Of course, I have myself to blame. Stubborness and stupidity could sometimes achieve enlightenment in questions like above.

I just realised how important it is to have friends staying in different part of the island IN CASE EVER something like this happen and you can call them..... or call their brother to be precise.

I was along TPE when I knew I would be in trouble when I felt jerkiness in the car and immediately I put on the hazard light and keep left..... and pray......

...pray that you could somehow manage your way to the nearest exit along the expressway and find the nearest petrol kiosk.

... of course... praying doesn't work.... otherwise no one will be stupid and stubborn.

But I did manage to exit at Yio Chu Kang and my car slow down along the slip road and stalled for good. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 2)

I try to recall which of my buddies stayed near where I was and promptly this buddy that stays in SENGKANG BUT GOES TO HOUGANG everynight comes to my mind.

And so I called him... at time of blogging about 1am, he has yet to return call. So I did the next best thing and called his brother, who came to my rescue. Apparently some petrol kiosk sells cans of petrol for morons like me at $10 per can of 5 litres. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 3)

But while they sell you cans of petrol, they didn't provide you with a funnel. You ended wasting about half the petrol trying to pour it into the car's tank.

However, you don't have to pour all 5 litres into the tank. Just sufficient enuff for you to last till the nearest petrol kiosk for a full top up.

I did some estimation. Comparing the topping up of the tank this time plus whatever limited petrol I already put inside and my other top ups when the "low-petrol" indicator came on, the margin is about 6 litres.

Depending on the make of your car, you could multiply that with the fuel efficiency and you can roughly establish the distance before the tank drys up. In my case, it was 8km/litre, thus 42 km. (ANSWER TO QUESTION 1)

What is the moral of the story? Have more buddies staying in different part of the islands and make sure you also know their siblings well.

p/s: I have set the time and date of this blog to time of the incident.


Anonymous said... YOU to test "how far your car can go when the Low Fuel indicator light comes on". You have the potential to be our local Mythbuster.

moomooman said...

the buddy whom I try to contact finally "responded" to my sos my smsing me this morning about 11am...

"can I pick up my tennis racket?"


coolcat said...

Next time prepare a hook & rope. Then lasso the next passing car/trunk/bike and get a free ride lor. Well maybe not the bike.. heh heh

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story should be "always put 1 can of petrol in your car", beat having to recall who you can call or whose tennis racket is still with