Tuesday, March 10, 2009

there's something about ..... DJ

I can't believe I haven't blog for so long... Seriously, there wasn't anything to blog about lately.. except all these gossips about our local "celebrities" scene. Yes.. "Celebrities".

"Celebrities" are called "Celebrities" because they are celebrated.. but what if they are not so celebrated?

So Glenn "I like to marry DJs and Divorced them" Ong or Glenn "I like to collect divorced certificates" Ong or Glenn "I am traditional but yet I love to divorce" Ong or Glenn "They court me so I marry them but divorced them later" Ong or Glenn "I love CNY but she don't so I divorced her lor" Ong or Glenn "Chinese Male trapped in a American Divorced Mentality Body" Ong, divorced Jamie "SPG" Yeo.

They getting a divorce is a matter of time.

But really... our Radio Industry very happening leh... more happening than our TV industry...

Kate court Glenn (so Glenn Says)
Glenn marry Kate
Jamie court Glenn (so Kate says)
Glenn divorce Kate
Glenn marry Jamie
Glenn divorce Jamie
Glenn court Jean Danker

In the other corner,

Daniel Ong divorce whoever
Daniel court Jean (so I assumed, since Glenn says Jean is traditional)
Both breakup
Don Richmond court Jean (so I asummed)
both breakup
Glenn court Jean (so Glenn says)
Glenn eventually marry Jean (Glenn's hobby)
Glenn eventually divorce Jean (Statistics says so)

I am seriously abit disappointed with Jean Danker. She is my favourite DJ. I have kinda follow her career since her part-timer days for 98.7fm.

But really, I seriously think she should set the standard higher.

GLENN ONG?!?? Not many in Singapore can say "Hi, I'm twice divorced, how are you?" Glenn falls into that category.

OK.. so perhaps.. maybe... he is not purely responsible for any of the divorced. I mean.. take a look at Jamie Yeo in ESPN... your first impression is that she is a SPG.

BUT... what kind of MAN is Glenn Ong when he says he is traditional in nature, but when the 2 girls (kate n Jamie) fell on his lap (what he says), he just conveniently bed them and marry them.

Should Jean Danker really needs to date someone of this pedigre? Just because Glenn is so sweet and nice and love to open doors for ladies... The Doorman at Raffles Hotel could also do that.

Jean's ex-boyfriends also so-so. Daniel Ong.. who is now dating former Miss Singapore Universe cum former taiwanese girlband cum former TCS calefare... is so forgetable. More like a grade-B DJ, where I really think Jean is a grade A DJ.

Don Richmond... At least he has a famous Father and Brother and Sister-in-law.

GLENN?!??!?!?!?!! TWICE DIVORCED WITH GIRLS WHO FELL ON HIS LAP and you would still think that he is a very nice fella?

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Ginny said...

i've always wanted to ask about his eyes/eyeballs. are they misaligned and thus he's always behind shades?