Tuesday, March 31, 2009

there's something about ..... busy

Yes... I am damn busy.

Busy trying to make more money. But you would argue... wouldn't that be the same for everyone on Earth?

Well, everyone on Earth on Salary no need to try... they just need to pretend that they are trying. People who are full commissioned earner like myself, "pretending" would sounds like a side income.

So we really do try real hard.

So blog entries are also limited as a result. No time to find amusements in life.

I do, however, found the biggest irony on Earth Hour.

All shopping malls along Orchard Road have all their external lights switched off, to play their part to preserve the earth. Yes. ALL External Lights. Aircon inside the Malls... they are too important to the survivorship of Retail business. F@$K the Earth!

Well, it's not really how much you can save in that hour... but the awareness of it that is crucial. I totally agree. Which is why, couple of my friends and myself observed the Earth hour like 5 mins.


So we have cabinet shufflement that see a new deputy PM in Teo Chee Hean. According to PM Lee Hsien Loong, it's part of the long term plan for a younger cabinet or something like that.

Teo Chee Hean is only 3 years younger than PM Lee.

And Teo Chee Hean may never be PM.

Who I think could be future PM? I think Government is trying their best to nurture Teo Ser Luck.

He is a Lucky fellow. He is probably credited with the success of bringing the Youth Olympics to Singapore.

Maybe he is really good. But the thought of Teo Ser Lee, his sister, a past Miss Universe Singapore winner, a socialite, having a free publicity appearing on Local Newspaper and talk about his brother is enough for me Not to Vote for PAP.


So facebook has a new template. Alot of people hate it because everyone's activities like "Do you have what it takes to be Edison Chen?" is make known to everyone who don't really care about your psychotic tests.

I find that funny.

I thought the whole purpose of FB is to let everyone knows what you are doing.


So this Sunday is TCS STAR AWARDS. I heard it was renamed to TCS NONYA AWARDS.

It was ridiculous when ALL the cast of Little Nonyas are nominated for best acting categories.ALL.

You know the rumour is true when they postpone the STAR Awards from the usual Nov/Dec to April because they wanted Nonya to win.

All these are just a farce.

Will you see a Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons happening in Star Awards? No way. If Oscars is run by TCS, Curious Case will win all 13 awards they were nominated for.

However, it's not without excitment.

Like who among the Nonyas will walk away with the acting awards. Is it Actor A, B, C, D, E or F?


Talking about TCS.. I am really looking forward to "Fighting Spiders". It looked like a very well produced show. Looks lke an external production house was involved.

"Red Thread" looks like "Master Of the Seas" remake. This time round, in order not to repeat their mistakes of having a too american accented drama, they decided to cast Actors/Actresses who has no such ability, thus ensuring a local favour.

They cast Aileen Tan.

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Anonymous said...

Juz a friendly reminder.. haha TCS no longer exist for a long long time.. They are now under mediacorp liao..hehe..