Tuesday, March 17, 2009

there's something about ..... lychee

I like to have a good lazy sunday afternoon. I would sometimes find a cafe, order a drink and read newspapers.

Last Sunday was no different, except I bump into a guy friend, and so we decided to catch up over drinks in a nearby cafe.

We went to Books Cafe over at Robertson Quay.

For some reasons, we were attracting some attention. I don't suppose we blend in with the crowd, generally, expats, young couples, yuppies, stylish gays etc. We look like Uncles who look more comfortable in kopitiam, smoking and drinking Stout.

My friend, in his 40s, ordered Frosty Lychee while I ordered a coffee.

And when the drinks arrived... I can almost sense everyone at the Cafe staring at us. I could also sense someone uttered the word "Lao Gay"

The ordeal didn't stop there.

The ordeal is when my friend started putting his mouth on the lychee...

Nabeh!! I have never shiver so much in my life.

It's the most awkard drink ever!!


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ok that is really funny hahaha