Saturday, November 18, 2006

there's something about ..... betting

I can't help laughing when I saw ST today and realised our local man Joshua Ang came in Second in Betfair Asian Poker Tournament. see link

What is so funny is the picture.

I had thought Joshua Ang won the tournament. He was "STARING DOWN" the opponent.. Singapore Secret Society Style and his finals opponent, an Australian, was looking at his cards very tentatively. It's almost like he was so afraid of looking at Joshua.

Joshua has done Singapore Proud by the way his portray the image. Body Slanting, one arm behind the chair, staring down at opponent with the "Ni Ga Wah Sio Sim Dam Boh" look. Wah... Damn Classic... 堵 侠 style.

But reading further, I realised we lost the tournament until the very last card. And we came in second. So the picture gives a wrong impression.

I can almost imagine Joshua Ang's Thank you Speech:

"I like to thank Star Cruise. Without them, I will not be able to practise my gambling in Singapore. I also like to thank all my friends and relatives who has helped me to nurture my gambling skills from all those nightly gambling sessions during chinese new year. Finally, I want to thank Singapore Government for opening up and allow Casinos in Singapore. I feel that my skills is finally being recognised by the Singapore Government. Thank you all. I shall quit my day job now and go into gambling full-time."

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