Friday, November 17, 2006

there's something about ..... worst-designed items

Came across this article today.

They are asking us to vote for Singapore's WORST-DESIGNED ITEMS, and if chosen, the sponsorers will re-designed them. You can go to this link to check it out.

I wonder....

Why only 10 items? You mean Singapore so stylo-milo that we only have 10 badly designed items meh?

At the bottom of my mind, I could think of few things. Surely if I crack my brain further (not literally), I could come up with more than 10.

Already in my blog, I have often complaint about certain things. For example, plaza Sing Car park. See link

How about Bomb Shelters?

How about general HDB designs san some found in Sengkang and Punggol where they looked like Condo.

How about Esplanade? Would they redesigned them?

And only in Singapore, people hang their clothes out of the windows with bamboo poles. It's fabulous. Your clothes will kenna more wet if some idiot above you allow their wet clothings to be really wet and the water dripping down to your clothings. Also, if you want to see what underwear your neighbour is wearing, you just peak out of the window. And when you try to walk below the block, you always feel damn SUAY because all these underwear is above you.

Of course, this website is looking at more things other than housing. Maybe your bus-stop needs redesigning. Instead of allowing you to flag down buses because SBS says you-never-flag-and- you- can't-blame-them-for-not-stopping, how about we pressed certain buttons at the bustops to indicate to the coming bus drivers that we want to board certain buses. That way, they cannot blame us for indicating.

Maybe the IU reader in the car needs redesigning. exposing cashcard is just fabulous.

Maybe this blog need redesigning. Not I say one... people in the net say one.

Maybe Merlion need redesigning. I'm sick of overseas clients asking me what is the significance of Merlion. Of course, I know now. But why can't they design something straight forward like a Lion or a Fish.

How about redesigning overhead bridges along major roads and expressway. There is a fundamental flaws in these bridges. It allows Men in Uniforms to stand there for the full day with a speed camera in hand. When drivers see that, we tend to brake immediately to slow down and it might be dangerous. Bridge should therefore design to take only 1 human being at any one time. So no one can hog the bridge for too long.

Many more.

So, do you part as Singaporean. Take part in this excercise. So we can be more Stylo-Milo.

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