Wednesday, November 15, 2006

there's something about ..... matchmaking

Last Sunday or rather on 2 consecutive Sundays, one particular article on Sunday Times caught my eye.

It's about this Real Estate Queen Ivy Lee in search of love in local matchmaking firm Lunch Actually. See the first article here. link

In brief, this 42 years old millionaire could not get a date because she is too old. She tried to ask her ex-husband out on a date on 2 occasions but was snubbed and was told to "get a life, move on".

After the article came out, Ivy Lee got 40 proposals from all walks of live.

ST managed to interview some of them. However, I'm not able to get a link to that article.

I, however, managed to interview some of them.

LIVE and EXCLUSIVE, only in this BLOG.

Interview with Ah Tan, a plumber in his 40s. Twice Divorced. Currently staying in 4 room flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Moomooman: Ah Tan, why did you decide to write to Miss Lee about a date?

At Tan: You dunno meh... she millio... I mean She look Chio leh.

Moomooman: But you look like a plumber... don't you think..

At Tan: But I am the CEO of a plumbing company ok. So.. we are veli matching matching.

moomooman: I see, how many staffs in your firm?

At Tan: 1 CEO lah.

Interview with Peter Lee, a real estate agent. 30 years old. not married. Currently living with parents in a 5 room flat in Geylang.

Moomooman: Peter, why did you decide to write to Miss Lee?

Peter: I find her very elegant and beautiful.

Moomooman: but surely you are aware that she is 42 and you are only 30. On top of that, she has 2 kids?

Peter: Luv got no barrier one. Most importantly is I love her mone... I love her more. Faye Wong also date younger guy what. Demi Moore also marry that Kuku guy what. Also, we in the same industry... we have alot in common

Moomooman: How long have you been in this industry?

Peter: 1 month. But I very hardworking one. I felt like I in this line for 10 years already.

Interview with Uncle Lim, a retiree in his late 50s. Currently a Widower. At time of interview, he is hanging out at Chinatown.

Moomooman: Wah uncle, you very can. Read straits Times. What are you doing at Chinatown.

Uncle Lim: I very sociable. Like to come here and make friends with other females.

Moomooman: Oh... you mean those china women who are here on 2 weeks visas and come to chinatown to buy some souvenirs?

Uncle Lim: Yeah yeah. Those kind.

moomooman: Why did you think you fit the bill to date Miss Lee?

Uncle Lim: She say she want man in the fifties mah. I fifties aleady. Somemore hers bigger than these china women here.

Moomooman: err... you mean.. her build is bigger. But can you communicate with her, I could see a big gap in terms of everything.

Uncle Lim: We communicate with love one. Can't you see she veli desperate. This kind I like. They not too fussy. I can still do it.


Anonymous said...

This is very funny !! haha...Now, i understand what is the profile of the 100 men.

Anonymous said...

aiya, she said she already found her love - a widower with an alluring mole on the right side of his chin. She said he swept off her feet.