Wednesday, November 01, 2006

there's something about ..... video not ezy

I'm almost done with Youtube. After days and days of scanning thru the website, I'm almost done with my searches.

And I decided to go back to proper videos, or watching DVDS.

I have been renting from VideoEzy for many years. I would think I frequent them on average about 3 times a month.

About 2 months ago, they started with a ladies night for rentals on Tuesday where you get a 1+1, or 1 more free title for every 1 you rented. ALL I have to do is to either change my sex to become a chabor or bring my wife along.

So for a good 2 months, the cheepo in us, see us making a driving trip about 5 to 10 mins away every Tuesday night to Video Ezy so that we can rent 2 DVDs at $5, or $2.50 a movie.

Last night is no different. After dinner, I reminded my wife it's Tuesday and she just knew what we need to do. With our kid in toll, we decided to take a drive down to Video Ezy.

After spending about 10 mins selecting 2 titles, we promptly go to the cashier to make our payment of $5.

To our astonishment..... yes... it's astonishment.... something as big as this is consider astonishment in my family.......

... Videoezy has changed the mechanics of the Promotion to counter cheepo like us for abusing their profit margin!!!

You no longer get 1+1... you get the +1.... BUT you only get that +1 after you RENT a minimum value of $13, or 2 DVDs+1 VCD or 3 DVDs at $15 BEFORE you get your FREE TITLE!!!!

And not only that... the 3 DVDs you borrowed has a 7 days returning period while the free title has a 5 days returning period. MEANING TO SAY.... if you want to enjoy this promotion, you have to WATCH 4 DVDs in 7 days and make 2 trips to return all your DVDs.


So I was stuck.... Should I...

1.) Spit at the DVDs and walk away in disgust.....
2.) Borrow 3 DVDs and get another 1 free........ and spit at the cashier
3.) just borrow the 2 DVDs which I have already selected and pay them $10... and spit at the cashier
4.) Just borrow 1 DVD and maintain my budget of $5 per trip.

I decided to be decent.


coolcat said...

You mean they changed their Ladies-borrow 2nd video free-policy? Haven't been to EzyVid for a while. Why don't we pool? I can pass you a list of videos I wanna to watch.

Anonymous said...

Wow, then I'm lagi cheapo.....I dun even bother to go to VidEzy!
I get my fixes from various sources and suppliers.....hehehehe.

moomooman said...

Your ip address has been logged. Your friendly police will get in touch with you soon.

Anonymous said... scared!

Did I say anything that implied I was involved in something illegal?

Blue Max, Laser Flair & my neighbourhood video store doing something I'm not aware of?!?!