Tuesday, March 06, 2007

there's something about ..... Helplessness

Wah.. it's been that long since I last posted. I think it's the longest period.

Not so much of lack of nothing to write.... but more like no time to do anything at all. Work has been so much, I actually fell asleep rather early the whole of last week. In the past, I would sleep after my kid went to bed about 12, and I would spend another hour to do my own things, but last week I slept about 11, before my kid. That is how Tired I am.

Anyway, looks like my days are getting back to normal.

Today... I felt the earthquate tremor. First time in my life.

I was sitted on a sofa and I felt the whole sofa moved. It's like a good 10 seconds.

That was surreal.

The feeling I got in that 10 seconds was almost similar to how I felt when I saw John Chen, our ex-MP, singing a mandarin song on the Chinese news, apparently he has cut a mandarin album to be realeased soon. see news link

It's the first time I felt a sense of helplessness.

Should I switch off the volume or off the TV? Should I laugh? I was so confused.

I caught the repeat of Chingay on TV on Sunday. I finally saw the MPs dancing. Un-coordination aside. Sillyness aside. Comedy aside. Trying to look like you-really-can-dance-hip-hop aside. I suddenly felt that I have finally bonded with my MPs.

You could hear the youtuber who film this really enjoy herself.

But enjoyment aside, for once, they look like they can be like one of us.

You know like in that Jack Neo movie where civil servants just do what their boss tells them to, even if it means it's meaningless, but you still do it. I felt the MPs are just like any civil servants, except of course they are civil servants that earned 17k a month.

What to do, your boss say you dance, you dance lor. Even if it means you make a fool in front of millions of TV viewers and in front of tourist who do not know who you are and why you are dancing so badly.

In another words, they too are helpless.

Back to the earthquate, 10 seconds is not enough for anyone to react. not enough for anyone to think.

But the afterthought is aplenty.

You think about life... you think about family. Not that the earthquate was any danger to us at all. But really, we have taken all these for granted.

Maybe this little tremor is a reminder to all of us, to treasure life.

Maybe John chen didn't need an earthquate to remind him to live life to the fullest.

Maybe we shouldn't as well.


cheeky said...

I was in the east and didn't feel a thing. by the way how high do you stay.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was over at one of the condo along Robertson Quay and I was on the 6th floor.

Anonymous said...

hmm..why do john chen's fingers look chopped?

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Maybe John decided to chop chop release album, no time to lose.