Saturday, March 10, 2007

there's something about ..... pizza and erp

We were supposed to dine with Coolcat and her family but both of us got trapped in our respective locations due to the IT show at Suntec.

Traffic was so bad I suggest they should add a movable ERP gantry just outside Suntec City whenever they have IT show. In fact, I think they should move the IT Show, Comex Show, PC show or whatever show to Sentosa to boost visitorship to Sentosa.

Anyway, due to the bad traffic, we decided to dine separately. I decided to go Centrepoint and she was at Raffles City.

If you haven't realised, Centrepoint is now "bigger". In fact, they have this new branding excercise to emphasise the NEW Centrepoint.

It's really wonderful. This new extension is totally inaccessible from the old centrepoint, it make such a shopping experience exciting. It's like playing Hide and Seek. In fact, I would suggest Amazing Race coming back to Singapore and make a "road block" out of Centrepoint "try to find shop XXX in the new extension from the old extension".

As it's dinner time, we decided to go to the new food street at basement 2. After navigating the complicated basement layout, I found myself at the new food "street". If this is call a "street", then I'm staying in a Bungalow. Then HDB flats are known as Condominium. This Street boast 2 restaurants, 1 cake shop and probably 2 other kiosks. It was so short, even the real "short street" at Sim Lim Square is longer.

It's so pathetic, I decided to make my way to Cuppage Centre foodcourt. They have this lovely Big and Spacious Foodcourt that I really like. But KNN.... after navigating out of the new extension at Centrepoint and making another big detour out to Cuppage Centre thru centrepoint, we realised the food court has closed for good.

At this point about 7.40pm, we are totally desperate and hungry, we decided to make our way to the older foodstreet at Centrepoint. And we decided to eat at PIZZA HUT because it's the only one restaurant there that has plenty of seats to choose from.

Half way thru the meal, I realised.....

I have spend 20 mins on the road, pay for goodness sake how much ERP to enter orchard road, pay $3 for the Car Park at Centrepoint, walk 30 mins navigating thru Centrepoint, JUST SO THAT I CAN EAT AT PIZZA HUT........ A Restaurant that deliver Pizzas Right up to your doorstep??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Fabulous lor. This is call backside itchy lor.

Too lazy to start another threat on ERP, so continue from this post.

Alright... so paying ERP is granted. Complaint also cannot reverse the fact.

But do we really have to be penalised further by not knowing how much will be sucked out from our pocket?

Do you know how much is the ERP charges for Orchard road at 7pm? How about 6pm? How about 7.10pm? How about 4.29pm?

Yes... they have electronic signboard that tells you the rates.

First, the government expect us to take a quick 2 second look at the signboard at the expense of traffice safety. After knowing the rates and if you realised it's too expensive, you got no F%$^# way out except to enter the ERP.

Government then will tell you, you should plan your route well and thus know what's your costs involved. But no matter how the F^$^ good planner I am, the end destination is still Orchard Road and I still need to pay F$%# ERP.

Anyway, I'm just bloody angry that I have to pay ERP to eat at Pizza Hut while home delivery is free.


Unknown said...

Regarding the centrepoint.
It's accessible to the new wing by the old centrepoint. U can't find it?
I also suggest don't take the new wing lift. It's slow, crowded and it goes to those shops in the new wing.
Got once I went Gap, ask the staff possible to go to the old centrepoint from the shop itself, he/she told me not possible.
Then I went one big round, and I manage to get back into Gap from the old building. Even the staffs are not sure of it. Really sucks man.

coolcat said...

when u said you ate at pizza hut.. my tot was oso... huh? pay ERP and parking, not to mention all that traffic jam just for pizza hut? at least go to that thai restaurant or some other places mah...

I've not been to Centrepoint in ages. Didn't even know they got wings. heehee.. Nowadays when we actually go to Orchard Road, we never go past Takashimaya. Either there or we skip the entire stretch and go to Plaza Sing.