Monday, March 12, 2007

there's something about ..... IT show

So it's reported that $48,000,000 sales were registered over 4 days and about 700,000 people went to the IT show over 4 days.

It could have been $48,000,699 yesterday.

I went to IT show yesterday. Isn't it great, how often can you bond with 200,000 Singaporeans at the same time with a common aim. The aim of getting thru horrendous traffic conditions, cutting thru human crowds, buying IT products so that we can get an extra SD card or compact flash card, or a extra trolley.

I wasn't impressed with the IT show. Like the organiser says, the results this year is the best due to the market buoyancy. Let me also tell you, the vendors there also knows that.

The discount wasn't fantastic unless you are getting some obsolete models. Ongoing models are pretty much selling you at the same price outside but they gave you extra accessories. LCD TV also the similar price plus you have to self-carry. In a buoyancy market like now, no need to give big discount and people will still buy.

I almost bought X-box 360 yesterday. Best Denki and Challenger were trying to outdo each other but not good enough in my opinion. The platinum pack at $699 include extra wireless controller and 2 games. Best Denki was giving out another free game of your choice, Challenger was giving out a charger for the controller.

To me, with PS3 just entering the market, and WII (highly anticipated) yet to arrive, I think x-box has more room to come down. Had either vendor tried to outdo each other more, I would have bought. But they were both very into the "market buoyancy" talk that they decided not to come down more.

Just their luck.

I'll wait.

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