Monday, November 19, 2007

there's something about ..... embrace

Garment tell us that we must embrace foreigners, welcome them, treat them like one of us.

I tried.

Yesterday I was at Jurong Point. You know it's a in-laws day for me. And naturally I felt like Tony Leung.

I was walking towards this shop when a China Student in his teens walking alongside me, and asked me, "先生,请问书店在哪?"

I look at him, intensely, and nod my head towards the direction.

We were just outside here.

Ok. Maybe I was being moody. He may be new in Singapore and may not realised that Popular is popularly known as a bookstore.

But look at the wide-entrance, and really he was also walking towards Popular, he would be able to see many books inside. Plus.. he was WALKING TOWARDS it. It seems like he is just seeking acknowledgement, confirmation whatever.

What am i? A walking Receptionist? Nabeh!

How to embrace foreigner like that?

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