Tuesday, November 13, 2007

there's something about ..... generation gap

This topic heading was inspired by Coolcat.

Anyway, I was down with diarriah (whatever) on Saturday. Fabulous timing if you ask me. My son was having a fever on that day as well, and since we can't go out, my gastric decided to go on strike or unstrike.

I hate Diarriah. Isn't it interesting that the most disgusting ailment has the most difficult spelling or a spelling most people could not remember? That aside.

Diarriah makes you weak after that. You probably think you can catch a DVD at home, pause the DVD as and when you need to go to the toilet, come back and continue with the disc. NAH.... you are so bloody tired and weak, you just want to sleep.

As of today, I'm still feeling weak. To Diarriah.... this is what I have to say to you "SHIT YOU!"

Anyway, recently I felt old. It's like I'm kinda lost track on what's trendy. It's almost like I've become an uncle.

1.) My X-box is still the first generation and I'm still playing old games because new games are meant for X-box 360.

2.) I do not own an Ipod. Transfering music to a fashionable hardisk so that you can play it thru a speaker while at home, runs contradict to the idea of "walkman". I thought that is comparable to listening to music from the PC with speakers. And since little time is spent "waiting" or "walking alone" outside, getting a "walkman" or "ipod" doesn't seems logical.

3.) I go to a neighbourhood store and rented 4 DVDs at $2.50 each, eventhough I got no time to watch them, simply because I didn't want to miss out on a good deal.

4.) Coolcat's son, bryan, was performing at a rock concert. Coolcat told me he is performing this song by Greenday called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". My first reaction was, "huh? come again?". She repeated. My second reaction was, "huh? by who?" Is that a rock song? I thought only Bon Jovi can sing rock song. Is Greenday from Greenland?

5a.) My parents, aging parents, went to watch LUST.CAUTION on Sunday. Not your pirated DVD from JB. They watched it at a CINEMA. Somemore RA!! They spent $20 on a RA movie while I go to a neighbourhood shop to rent 4 DVDs at $10?!?!?

5b.) My parents went to watch a movie at a CINEMA?!?!?!? The last time I watch a movie at a cinema was probably STARWARS Espisode III.

6.) I'm on Facebook. Cool you say. Except I find it a struggle to like and enjoy facebook. Facebook says "Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you."
I say "how?"
Facebook probably says "You get endless pokes from friends, invites on Vampires, werewolfs and others, you play Paper, Scissors Stone, you can take all kinda of tests so that when your friend take the same test you would know how compatible you are with them, You can write on their "Walls" like a noticeboard (but you wouldn't write to them in an email), you can leave them messages in the facebook so that facebook can then email you to your mailbox to tell you that your friend left you a message in facebook (wow, efficient!)"

So You see... I'm really struggling to get out of the Uncle Mode. Maybe it's the diarriah having that effect on me. I think the next stage of my uncle life will be wardrobes. Printed Short-sleeves shirts tucked out of your pants, like those you buy from wet-market.



cheeky said...

quite sian of facebook now. All the people I want to be friend with rejected me. Suzanne jung, carrie chong, glenda chong, melissa hyak, jane boey .... some even shut down their account after I poked them

Anonymous said...

Damn! So it was you. No wonder I couldn't find them. You gave us, stalkers-unite, a bad name.

Anonymous said...

actually, personally i think vomit is worse that diarriah. at least diarriah doesnt come through your mouth and taste buds.

oh, on getting old, you can actually grow old gracefully, u know. just look at benedict goh.

Mr Anonymous