Wednesday, November 14, 2007

there's something about ..... lust.caution

After I wrote my last post, I decided to eliminate point no. 5 totally and thus becoming 1 point lesser of being an uncle. I went to watch Lust. Caution this afternoon.

The irony of life is that, myself and my wife were the youngest among the audience. I felt like I'm in Yangtze among all the Lau Ti Gou trying to watch some RA shows. To be fair, you will not find any working crowd in a Cinema during working hours, plus at a not-so-happening location... Balestier.

Much have been said about the show, so there is nothing much to review about. But my... what a show.

Maybe I'm one of those Lau Ti Gou in the cinema, which means I'm one step nearer to be an Ah Pek. But with sex scenes like that..... I don't care if this is some skin-flick.

I can imagine it's not too difficult for Tony Leung to accept this role. I would too, if Lee Ang ask me to do it for free. You got to have multiple sex-scenes with pretty girl, the acting is relatively simple.

This is his expression throughout the show. I feel I can pull it off too, they just need to film me every Sunday and I'm able to pull-off that moody look.... All the Time... 100%.

Otherwise, instead of saying..."Scene no.2... take no.3.... Action!!" They can say ... "Scene no.2... Take no.3 ...... In Laws!!" and I will be able to act that way every day.

All I need is to make sure I tone up my body and my butt and I'm ready for Lee Ang.

The sex scenes... while not breaking the laws of Kamasutra... or breaking the cinematic boundaries of sex...... is perhaps the biggest of all because it's by the most established of actors. The amount of nudity by Tony Leung is surprising.

At one scene, you actually see his balls. Though I'm unsure if it is indeed his balls. But balls are still balls.

Balls aside.

The sexual contact between them is almost like they were really doing it. And we are talking about Tony Leung here. TONY LEUNG!!!

Tang Wei, the actress, is just beautiful to look at, with or without clothes. To me, she is the most-suited to act in this role.

My wife ask me "who benefitted more during the sex scene?" or in Hokkien "who Tan Dio?"

You have a unknown girl acting out a sex-scene with the biggest name of Actors and you have a biggest name of Actors acting out his virgin sex-scene with such a beautiful girl?

My answer is .......

Her acting is very good. In fact, she deserved the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. (of course, I would have said that even if I watched the NC16 version)

How about Best Actor Award for Golden Horse? To me, Tony Leung's defining moment, that will sure capture the hearts of the judges, was the one where he runs towards his car towards the end of the show.

It's either he has never run in his life and thus do not know how to run beautifully or normally or with better co-ordination between both arms and legs, or it's actually acting. Perhaps Traitors do Runs like that in the past.

To me, I chose to think that he is acting. Afterall, this guy has shown he has balls to act in a skin-flick spy thriller.


Anonymous said...

how come u din mention about Tang Wei's balls? as a lao ti goh, I am more interested in hers than Tony's.

I do not have the chance to watch it on big screen but am eagerly looking forward to the release of the dvd in the states...maybe even got director's cut version. that being said, i guess it must be a surreal experience to see boobs being magnified on big screen. ok, sorry, i got carried away.

actually, benedict goh will be very suitable as he has got that intense look. someore he so handsome and fit.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous,

Tang Wei's balls? I assume you meant her tits. It's beautiful. I suspect they cast her based on her tits and nothing else. Just the tits deserved Oscar nomination, forget Golden Horse.

In Singapore, we have the "director's cut version", it was released under NC16. Haha.

Mr Anonymous, from this post, I can deduce that you must be gay. "Benedict Goh..intense look, handsome and fit"

Anonymous said...

in the states, director's cut refers to the version prior to being shown in the cinemas. interestingly, i understand nc-17 is more strict than a R rating in the states. a teenager can still see a R movie as long as he is accompanied by a parent.

i am not gay lah. my comments about mr goh are made in jest.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous,

Don't hide your feelings for your "Mr Goh". You hold him in such high esteem that you kept writing about him in consecutively for my last 3 posts.

I know what I say next might hurt your feeling, but your benedict is now in jail.

The positives of this is that he now has all the time to practice that intense look daily to perfection.