Tuesday, December 23, 2008

there's something about ..... 2010

This is not the new movie prequel to 2046.

This is the date then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong set for Singapore to be in the World Cup.

Then Singapore gave a couple of Ang Mohs PR so that they can play for the Singapore National Team.

One of them is AGU CASMIR.

On Sunday, during the Suzuki Cup, I saw Agu Casmir singing out National Anthem before the start of the match.

I felt I was watching Milli Vanilli. watch this video

Sometime back, I wrote about our Always-the-last-game-at-National-Stadium.

I think all those people who bought expensive tickets to catch the "last game" at National Stadium, should gather together for a Class Action against MYCS, for misrepresentation. At least, they should get a refund of the ticket price.

It's a joke really.

Yes. Construction Cost balloon so much that they have to postpone the demolition. But to always bill any events as possibly the "LAST GAME"?


Getting Ang Mohs in our team is not a sure-win strategy to dominate asian football.

I mean, if these Ang Moh is any good, they should be playing for Nottingham Forest in Div 3 in England.

No... why play for Nottingham Forest and be ordinary footballer which nobody recognise... you might as well play for Singapore. You get fat-pay, live like a celebrity, bang girls, and be recognised by at least 1 million people and still can be so ordinary?

The vietnamese must be gloating.

I am thinking... we might as well give PRs to the whole Vietnamese team or Thailand team.

That way, perhaps, one fine day, we may just be able to play in the World Cup.

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