Thursday, December 11, 2008

there's something about ..... windsor

Everyone in their lives will occasionally be a victim of cheats, con jobs, misrepresentation etc.

It's only the magnitude of it. Some big con jobs, some small con jobs. Again, the size of the magnitude is also relative. Big to some, small to others.

Last night, my family was a victim of "misrepresentation" according to my parents, "con jobs" according to me.

2 weeks back, on our National TV channel 8, my parents came upon a "food variety" program introducing good eatouts in Singapore.

That program was introducing a Teochew Buffet Restaurant in Windsor Hotel at Macpherson at only $11 per person.

Naturally, it must be good because right immediately my parents wanted to make reservation for last night.

When my mum told me about it, I was like:

"huh? Teochew Crusine can have buffer one meh? "

When my mum told me about Windsor Hotel, I was like:

"Huh? That place can have good restaurant one meh?"

When my mum retorted that the value is phenonmenon, I was like:

"Can have good buffet at $11 meh?"

When my mum angrily told me it's highly recommended by CHANNEL 8, TCS, I was like:

"ok lor"

And so we went.

The restaurant was smart enough to take money first at entrance, or we would have walked out immediately after seeing what is on offer.

I mean... if you are aware about TEOCHEW crusine, it's nothing but TAO POK, TAO KUA, VEG, FISH CAKES, STEAM FISH, PORRIAGE... u know, those cheap cheap things that is cooked bland.

I mean even if you hired the best chef from Hong Kong, a Tau Pok will not become a abalon. It's still a Tau Pok! Worse, I don't think they hire the best chef in Hong Kong, I think they hire the "best" chef in Macpherson.

Buffet? How many rounds of Porriage and Tau Pok can you eat??? I counted... 3 rounds. Not because you are full, but the fatique of seeing another round of tau pok is enough to make you bored.

I forgot to take another picture of their "orange juice". Interestingly, they put up a little sign on top of the dispenser calling it "cordial juice". They were really friendly with the water. I think it was 1 part orange juice, 5 parts water.

There was this empty tray that lies empty for almost the whole duration of our dinner. Naturally we were curious. Perhaps, this tray of food will make a huge difference to our dining experience. There is a sign that says every diner is limited to 4 pieces per queue. But we couldn't wait and wanted to go back.

Finally, that tray of food arrived. Immediately a long queue started forming. One waitress was there rationing the delicacy to all diners.

My family was about to leave but stayed on to see what the hype was all about. For Singaporean to queue up for food, it must be a delicacy or expensive.

My wife commented that perhaps it's Lobster. But lobster not very Teochew leh, I thought.

My mum felt perhaps it's some expensive steam fish.

And so we decided to check it out on our way out.




It's braised duck.

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