Thursday, September 15, 2005

there's something about ..... chinese idioms

To the disbeliefs of some of my friends, my mandarin is actually very Tok Gong one.

Every day I will try to spew out some profound chinese idioms, firstly to demonstrate to my baby that his daddy is very bilingual. Secondly, to amuse myself.

Today I will teach you one such chinese idioms that I abused regularly.


I will not touch on the origin of this, since from the look of it, you will roughly guess.... must be some king loses his concubine and lose his army.... somthing to that effect. But how to you use it in modern times where the only person that could lose his army but will not lose his wife is George Bush?

Anyway, will highlight a personal experience to demontrate the meaning and usage of this.

Last night, I had my dinner about 10pm. It was too much for me but I don't usually waste food. So I finished them off until almost vomit.

Anyway, everything was fine until I tried to sleep. It was about 12am but I couldn't sleep eventhough I was dead tired because I kept burping and keep feeling that the food is coming out of the throat.

So I decided to sleep sitting up. My wife suggested that I should go drink Yakult.

I told her that by the time I walk down to the fridge, drink my yakult, walk back up to bed, I will be too awake. And I don't want to be too awake, I want to sleep.

For a good 1 hour plus, I was there sitting up, not falling into deep sleep but more napping. I decided.... Heck... since also cannot sleep, might as well go drink Yakult.

Decided to drag myself down to the kitchen.

Ninabeh..... to my horror... YES.. it's HORROR.... there's no more Yakult!!!!!

I ended up in my room feeling more awake than before and still having my indigestion.


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