Monday, September 26, 2005

there's something about ..... village people

This is one very enjoyable weekend.

I visited 2 famous villages in Singapore and went home with many things. I felt like a tourist. Damn Shiok!

Yesterday I went to Bugis Village with my family in toll, including my irritating maid. My mind is getting quite disturb lately. Sight of her irriates me. Let her stay home will make me happier. But the thought of her idling at home and not out with us, helping with our shopping bags makes me Buay Song. Nabeh...

Bugis Village is really quite good to shop. Armed with a 50 bucks budget, my objective is to maximise my marginal utility. Wah.. I very got ink!!

Anyway, after about an 1hr, I bought a $10 watch, a T-shirt... also at $10. And another casual shirt at $20. And I still got to save $10!

The salesperson where I bought the last casual shirt from told me price is not negotiable and they were fix-price. Nabeh.... In the past, I would have walk away without buying it. But now, I will suan them first, then buy it. I reckon My suanning would have cost about $5 in terms of ego, meaning the shirt cost me $15. Afterall, any discount is also to satisfy ego... I mean seriously 10% discount only save me $2, and you can't even buy a Wan Ton Mee with that nowadays. But we just like to negotiate, especially in places like Bugis Village.

Today I went Holland Village. I was in-between appointments and decided to check out Holland V.

It was great.

I went to Cho Lon. That place has a very calming effect on you. Even if you don't buy anything from them, you felt peaceful. Almost bought a book there... but decided to come back another day. Not too nice to use credit card to pay for something only $10.

Next, I went to Parisilk to check out electronics. Touch base with of the sales guy, nice chap.

After that, I went to Anthropology. Again, very therapeutic. Nice things but very expensive. I find joy in going to shops like that. You know you wouldn't buy cos it's ex... and you have no temptation to buy cos it's out of reach. It's like visiting a museum of interesting things but who buy things from museum anyway?

And today there's a flea market at Holland V. Mostly second-hand stuffs that you don't need, but I came across this stall selling new things at wholesale pricing, like photoframes etc. They happens to sell this table clock which was sold at Molecule for about $50, for only $15!!!!?!!!! Wah... now we know what obscene profit margin Molecule earns. I just have to buy it.

Went into Holland Shopping Centre on the third floor, I saw this corner shop selling CDs. Very small shop selling acid jazz, jazz, techno, house stuffs. The shop owner is very friendly, passionate about music and knowledgeable on his products. Almost bought 2 from him but his payment machines are not working and I have to pay cash. Bo bian..... bad for him. Good for me. Will pay him a visit another day.

Now, I feel damn recharged. Why spend 100 over on Spa treatments so that people can burn scented candles for you to smell, put mud on you while you can still feel recharged at half the amount, with things to bring back home?

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