Friday, September 02, 2005

there's something about ..... Project Superstar Winner

superstar winner

So he won.

And who is the biggest loser..... the 500,000 people who called in to vote.

The biggest winner...... The producers of the competition. They sold albums and they managed to "con" people into making those phone calls, and indirectly making a profit.

But the winner has been "declared" even the final started. Not so much thru the results of the album sales which show the Kelvin having sold more albums. But with the coverage of the Finals being rather uneven with more coverage of Kelvin, you know Kelly has no chance at all.

The Wan Baos, The Sin Mings and the Zao Baos, carry more coverage of Kelvin and they are news worthy coverage that you know Kelvin would have won more sympathy votes immediately.

Now... sympathy is a dirty word here. Fans of Kelvin has bombarded anyone that says Kelvin won it because of Sympathy. They said he won it because he is a better singer.

I can only agreed that when he sings.... he send goose-pimples to everyone, including me. He is fantastic in singing sad songs. My mum is a big fan.

Whether he is a better singer overall, that is debatable. Kelly is an equally good singer and she could sing a wide range of songs. Yesterday the judges with no voting rights have given her the thumps up for 4 out of 5 categories.

But if sympathy is a dirty word, then how would one explain the high coverage of Kelvin being blind, feeling stress, cried during rehearsal, production crew crying with him etc etc. That is because everyone is touched by his perseverance, his determination. Naturally people would feel sorry for him, and most human beings will vote for him to support him.

Don't get me wrong here. Kelvin won the competition fairly. He did have more votes than kelly, his fan based may be wider, thus making him the rightful winner of a competition. Whether he will one day become a Superstar, his passage to it will be a tough one.

This is probably demonstrated by the recording contracts they each received.

Before the finals, it's being reported that both the winners will sign a recording contract with EITHER one of PLAY MUSIC or UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

Now, that is weird. Why not announce way before that winner will sign for A and loser will sign for B. Why EITHER.

Why couldn't such a decision being finalised before the Finals. Wouldn't any recording companies like to sign the Winner of a major competition? And if 2 companies are vying for the winner's contract, this can still be sorted out either via a toss of a coin, or a bidding. This was not carried out before the Finals.

The announcement of that was only made after Kelvin won the competition and the hosts announced that Kelvin will signed for PLAY MUSIC and KELLY for UNIVERSAL MUSIC, almost immediately after Kelvin was announced as the winner.

It looks to me that Kelly got a better recording contract with a Big Brand name, while I have never heard of PLAY MUSIC.

So my only conclusion is that, one of the recording company has a preference. And it's not too difficult to draw a further conclusion who has that Superstar Quality.

So, I think yesterday so-called "Final" is meaningless. Kelvin do not need a be crown the Main Winner to sell albums. Kelly do not need to be crown to sell albums. They are already winners.

So is Mediacorps.


cheeky said...

There are now singapore idol, project superstar, project host and now the idol hunt on ch 8. Fuck, singapore is so small, how many idols can they churn out that really stand a chance. And for those whose head start to swell once they enter such shows,fuck u. You are no idol or superstar. The only real star are the show themselves. So they better stop deluding themselves thinking they are really kings and queens. I REALLY REALLY HATE FUCKING TALENT SHOWS!

Anonymous said...

PLAY Music is not totally unknown. It produces albums of singers like Ou De Yang, Cai Chun Jia etc. They sold alot in Singapore and why do u think they have the money to keep advertising on TV?

moomooman said...

Universal Music is definitely more branded lah. Play Music is not even listed as member in RIA.

Maybe they have the money to keep advertising because they give singers very low loyalties, singers which otherwise may not even find themselve releasing albums?

moomooman said...


Talent shows are important because they create news for our local newspaper, increase revenue for our local Telcos via sms votings, create bookings for Indoor Stadiums, sell 8 Days or I weekly, increase crowds in Shopping malls during publicities thus improving sales for retailers....

I believe they contribute 1% to our GDP, directly and indirectly.