Thursday, September 08, 2005

there's something about ..... names

I wonder what's with our government bodies these days.

They like to come up with bombastic names for certain town planning concepts that either costs them $400000 for the same name, or technically wrong name, or bad acryomns for certain schemes.

Let's not go back to how government spend $44,444 per alphabet so that these branding expert could come up with "Marina Bay" which we were using it for many years.

But this week, JTC launches this Massive Project near Buona Vista where the Bio-tech industries are located. This massive project will house 20,000 condo units plus offices plus whathaveyou that will take 20 years to be fully developed.

It's located Somewhere between Queenstown and Clementi on the Southern side of Singapore.

This Massive Town Concept is called



Is it just me…… but shouldn’t this project be known as “ONE SOUTH” or “ONE SOUTH-WEST”?!?!?!?!?!?

I bet JTC spend couple of hundred thousands to this same Branding company to come up with this name. How else will you explain that they conveniently use the first letter of “North Buona Vista Road” and named it One North. Like they conveniently use Marina Bay and named it Marina Bay.

At least named it “ONE BUONA” or “ONE VISTA” or really desperate “ONE ROAD

Today our dear MAH BOW TAN, you know that minister that invented COE and ERP back then, and decided that perhaps managing public housing is more interesting as it affects 80% of Singaporean and thus he can play GOD, announces a new scheme call DBSS. It stands for Design, Build and Sell Scheme.

This is HDB flats build by private developers.

Ah Meng: Hey Klang…. you stay in which type HDB huh?

Me: I stay in that DBSS lor.

Ah Meng: Wah you very rich hor…. so which branch of DBS you stay?

Me: No… not DBS…. but DBSS.

Ah Meng: Wah… you very can hor…. anyhow add one S to DBS.

Me: No…. not I add one…. Mah Bow Tan add one.

Ah Meng: So you stay in which type HDB huh?

Me: Nabeh.

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