Friday, September 09, 2005

there's something about ..... competition

Caught Allan Wu in Fear Factor today.

Wah Biang. I dunno what to say.

I wish he didn't go on the show, but at the same time, I had hope that he won. Nabeh, he miss out winning the 50k by just 2 secs!!!

That is the most expensive 2 secs ever.

I must say he had done Singapore proud... but then again... is he a Singaporean? Nabeh, even in reality TV, we need foreign-born player to represent Singapore.

He was asked what language he speaks... he replied ".... taiwan...." Great... now american would think Singapore is in Taiwan.

The day before, I was watching US Open in the morning between Agassi and Blake. It's weird seeing Agassi in Addidas attire. It's like Michael Jordan wearing Puma. Unthinkable.

I watch the game.... 1st Set... 6-3 to Blake. Nabeh. I was of course rooting for my Tennis Idol, agassi.

2nd Set... 6-3 to Blake, again.

I decided it's too painful to watch and I off the TV.

KNNB. I miss out one of the best comeback game ever... with Agassi winning it in 5 sets in a tie-breaker last set somemore.

I cannot believe it. In professional sports, that is super-choke big time. I bet if I'm given 2 sets handicapped by Agassi, he would still have beaten me in 5. Meaning to say, I'm not any worse off than blake. That is to say, Blake is damn condemn!!

I wonder which is worse.... Allan Wu missing out on US$50k in 2 seconds, or Blake losing the match in this manner.

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