Wednesday, February 15, 2006

there's something about ..... first time

These days.... Life becomes pretty bored. So one fine day last week, I woke up and decided to paint.

I don't mean painting as in art, I meant PAINTING as in painting the wall.

The spontaneity just snapped. Send my wife to work and I went off to buy paint and brushes. Not only the spontaneity snapped, I decided to be passionate and a bought Red Paint. And mind you, this is not for the room, it's for my little "SOHO" or home office, not exactly the appropriate place for a red colour wall.

Just when I was about to start, I realised.... this was the first time in my life that I actually do painting! I didn't know whether to add water to paint, or add thinner or don't add anything.

My mum being the professional that she is, told me to add water. In fact, she was the one who ask me to buy brushes too.

And so I started.

Painting with a Brush is quite a challenged.

I tried 3 different method being my first time on three different patches, and all the patches looks really bad. At that point, I seriously doubt my mum's advice. I mean, I have seen professionals painters and they have hardly use brush.

After I did one coat of the paint, the result was frustrating. This is even more so when the colour is bright or dark and all uneven painting patches are visible.

I decided to go out and buy a roller and a tray.

The rest is History.

Now I realised those so-called professional painters are at best my standard. It's bloody easy to use a roller. Not only that, it's fast and every patches are even. The end results was "professional".

My dad who didn't realised I was using a roller couldn't quite believe the end result.

The roller to a painter is like what a wonderbra is to a woman. What an invention!

The whole excercise has been so interesting, I'm comtemplating painting other parts of the house.

I always knew I'm artistic.

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