Friday, February 17, 2006

there's something about ..... virus (updated)

My family just can't seems to shake off the virus.

20 January: My wife got stomach Flu. Went doctor spend $100.

20 January: My mum also got stomach flu. Didn't see doctor. Uses my wife's medicine.

22 January: Mum stomach Flu got worse. See doctor. Spend $20.

23 January: I got sore throat. Wife stomach flu didn't recover. Both see doctor, spend $40.

25 January: mum stomach flu still didn't recover. See another doctor. Spend $55.

27 January: Kid got fever. See doctor. Spend $75.

31 January: Kid fever didn't go away plus cough. See Doctor. Spend $65.

3 February: I got stomach Flu and fever. Use medicines from above plus panadol.

10 February: dad got flu. See doctor. Amount unknown.

12 February: I got fever and cough. Eat Panadol.

14 February: wife got sorethroat and fever. See doctor. company pay.

15 February: Wife sorethroat and fever still have. Kid got running nose. Both see doctor. spend $40.

19 February: Mum got sorethroat. See doctor. amount unknown. (update)



Vera said...

wah. that's a lot of $$$$!
Hope you and your family will get well soon! :)

coolcat said...

poor thing... since the weather is a lot better lately, better open all the windows and air ur rooms!

moomooman said...

fat fing,



Never remember visiting the doctors so frequent in a year before. I felt like I have busted my quotas for the next few years.