Thursday, February 16, 2006

there's something about ..... tooth

I'm finally a bluetooth user!!

Bought a new handphone and it comes with bluetooth capability, the first time the phone that i uses comes with such feature.

So I decided to embrace this technology.


This technology just proved something I knew all my life.

I have SMALL EARS!!!!!!!! Bloody Hell!!!

I can imagine the doctors at the hospital uses the bluetooth earpiece device and measure if anybody has smaller than normal ears.

Doctor: Yes.. what's wrong with you.

Me: Doctor, I think I have small ears and it's affecting my looks. I think I look better with bigger ears.

Doctor: Ok.. you try this bluetooth earpiece.

Me putting on the earpiece.

Doctor: Confirmed. You got small ears!


I always hear people telling me that it's not comfortable and it takes a while to get used to it.

But when I use them, it's bloody comfortable like nothing it's there. Because the hook at the back is too big for my ear, thus it's not very secured.

My dad tried it on and it's too small.

My wife tried it on and it fits like a glove.

I wear it and it felt like a dangling ear ring!!

This is frustrating.

And I now know for sure 100% that I have smaller than average ears. You have to believe that companies like Samsung or Ericsson would have done enough research to ensure that the hook fit nicely to MAJORITY of the users.

And I'm not the majority.


Anonymous said...

I may not be aware of how many handphones you have owned thru the years, but I believe the T610 & T630 from SonyEricsson does include bluetooth; so even if you have owned either for a single day, you cannot say that this 'new' phone is the first bluetooth phone you own.

Anonymous said...

no worries. so far. i have only seen unhip uncles use bluetooth. having small ears is a gd thing