Monday, February 20, 2006

there's something about ..... jazz

I love jazz music. I started out with acid jazz in the late 90s and I slowly discover olden jazz in the form of Frank Sinatra, and the blues in the form of John Coltrane which I really adored.

Guess I've aged.

I always hate singers that sing an old song in a new era, rearranged the music and pass it off as a new song. Remember few years ago, some boy band sang "Take on me" and I remember cursing and swearing with Jeff. However, over the years, I have discovered some of the songs I love so much growing up are actually songs sang by an older artiste too. Eg, petshopboys' Always on my Mind. Willie Nelson sang the old one and god knows who sang before him.

I'm ok with singers singing the same song as long as they stay true to the song and not take ownership like it is some original song. Some old songs during the olden days are sang by numerous artiste within the same era but a different feel to it. For example, Dream A little dream of me. This song must have been sang by almost all the fantastic singers of the past.

However, I have a big problem with young Jazz singers of today singing old songs. Michael Buble is someone I'm not a big fan of. Plus many others like Diana Krall. Nothing wrong with them. But I felt that if you are going to sing a oldie, I might as well listen to the oldie itself. It's not like the oldie is no longer accessible.

So my biasness for these young jazz singer is very strong.

Last week on Valentine's day. I heard this song played on "Car Tunes" in Class 95. It was "dinner jazz". And they played this very beautiful song. I love it so much.


Good thing the DJ announced the singer which is Peter Cincotti and I went to hunt for that song from the local music store.

NABEH. The singer is a 22 years old jazz singer.


coolcat said...

yeah.. just like you were so impressed with Robbie Williams' Somethin' Stupid until you found out that it's an oldie by F. Sinatra.

moomooman said...

yeah.... that too!!

Nabeh!! The worse is I found that out after buying Robbie's album.