Friday, July 14, 2006

there's something about ..... "the" condo names

Recently I came upon an TV advert for a condominium in the North-east region called "THE QUARTZ", next to buangkok MRT.

I don't envy the project manager in charge of condo project. They have so much to do and so much responsibility and liability, it must have drained off alot of their energy and .... creativity as well.

Come up with a common condo name of the 80s and 90s, and you will have :

XXX garden
XXX court
XXX ville
XXX Vale
XXX park
XXX point
XXX green

And the project may not sell. Not that names matter... but it's nice if the names reflect certain characteristic of the buyer or their liking and thus achieve what the condo was trying to sell.

Then in the early 2000s, you have condo named after city or town of famous countries with foreign-sounding-very-mouthful names like Cote D' Azur (France), Costa Del Sol (spain), The Marbella (Spain), The Azure (france) D'Ecosia (I dunno).

Of course, if the developer is to target heartlanders, it's good to have a heartlander's names like Bishan Park, Bishan Point, Bishan Loft etc.

Lately, naming condo is becoming easy. Just add "THE" in front of anything, and you have a catching sounding name plus the exclusiveness associated with it. "THE" is supposed to illustrate that something is unique of it's kind and there is no comparison, like "THE SUN".

However, I think most developers are taking this a litttttllllleeeee too far. The earlier post shows all the condo/apartment projects in Singapore that started with "The". Some of these are really ridiculous.

I can understand the convenience of naming the condo after the street name just to tell people that any other condos along the same street do not carry the same prestige... but.....

"THE GRANGE" at grange road?
"THE BALMORAL" at balmoral road?
"THE BAYSHORE" at bayshore road?
the most classic.....
"THE CHUAN" at Lorong Chuan road??!?!?!?!?! What is the "Chuan" supposed to mean?

If your rival developer has already named their condo after the streetname... what should you do? How about naming something that is damn difficult to pronounce... that way unique mah...

For example:

I'm sure the above has a meaning. I'm too lazy to go find out what each of these mean but I'm sure it meant something to the owner who bought units there.

Friend ask proud owner: Where you stay har?

Proud owner: I stay at The Helicopter.

But what if your rival developer has already named their condo after the streetname and another developer has named their condo after something very cheem.... what to you do? How about a reverse pyschology and named your condo after something simple, something that everyone can pronounce, don't care what it means to the buyer... as long as people know how to


What the hell is the "QUARTZ"? That everything in the condo works like a clock...every security guard will be on time for their duty. The flood lights at the tennis clock will switch off exactly at 10pm?

Maybe they should have named it "The Buang" or "The Kok" or "The white elephants".


coolcat said...

Maybe this is a new trend in condo names... gemstones!

The Quartz, The Citrine, The Pearl, The Moonstone, The Onyx, The Amethyst, The Aventurine, The Turquoise, The Silver, The Gold, The Copper and The Fluorite.... heh heh..

Gemstones are known to ward away evil, and got healing powers against negative energy. Meaning people stay in these buildings are protected leh.. don't pray pray....

moomooman said...

Wah... Quartz is the name of a Gemstone? Wah.. I learn something every day.

Better tell the heartlanders buyer about his. What if their horoscope and the gemstone clash? Very suay one.

coolcat said...

The Chuan? heehee.. Actually I can't stand those The XXX by/of The XXX names...really a mouthful

The Berth by The Cove... What kind of a name is that? Berth... a place for ship to dock.. Cove.. a small cave or sheltered recess.. When I first saw the name I thought it was a new marina port and not a high-class residential condominum!

There's one called THE LEVELZ.. think the developer icq too much...

moomooman said...

The elegance @ Changi
The LIght @ cairnhill
The peark @ Mt Faber
The Sail @ marina Bay
The Serenade @ Holland
The Villas @ Sentosa Cove

I think the developer email too much.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sunflower said...

This is a good one! The white elephant....

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