Wednesday, July 05, 2006

there's something about ..... football

It's been a busy month. It's no joke when World Cup is in town. It's no wonder that they said the market is usually quieter when the World Cup beckons, except if your market is Kopitiam Business, Pub business or if you are a Doctor. I heard the the flu bug is at the highest this June than ever before.

Anyway, I saw this advertisement by Coca Cola and I almost have a surreal experience with my brother-in-law. This is a funny advert. Note that the one on TV is a shorter version.

You see.... my relationship with my in-laws.... at best.... at most tactful.... you could call it "friendly".

We don't chat. We exchange pleasantries... if we happens to have eye-contact. On average, minus away the pleasantries, our conversation surrounded this word "Bye Bye".

However, when it comes to Football.... Football basically unite strangers. One of my brother-in-law, who is my wife's sister's husband, whom I only met during CNY.... will call me once every 2 years. The last time I received a call from him was EURO 2004. And again, he called me last night, after a 2 years absense.

I treasure such calls. I ranked them high up along calls from Telemarketeers.

You see, I'm a soccer fan. I analyse soccer games with theories. I analyse the tactics, the players the feng shui, the History. And I'm a small time puntits. I punt from Singapore Pools like $50 per game. And I strategise my betting in such a way that if I lost... I lost minimum and if I win, I win a bit more. Essentially.... I think too much.

My this brother-in-law is different. He don't analyse. Whichever team that offers a better odds, he will go for it. He went all out for a France win, against Brazil. He won handsomely. I went with Brazil win, I lost $8. The last time at EURO Final. He betted $1k for a Greece win and he won $8k. I betted for a portugal win and I lost $50.

Maybe that is why he likes to call me during football seasons. He reckons he just need to reaffirm his bets. Whatever I bet, he bet the opposite.

Anyway, back to the call. I had already placed my bets with Singapore Pools for a draw last night for Germany-Italy game, before he called. He told me that there is no way Italy will lose and he was ultra-confident Italy will win in 90 mins. He went on to tell me about his bets and how much he betted and he encouraged me to bet for Italy.

I got influenced. I mean this chap is a Big and Lucky Puntit. Surely I can't go too wrong by following him. Off I went to Singapore Pools again at about 9.45pm last night. Thinking that my "draw" slip will not earn me any money, I decided to buy alot more for an ITALY win to cover my bets for a goalless draw game.

And of course, everyone knows now that Italy did win... but only in extra-time, and full-time score was indeed a draw. I lost money.

I wish I can embrace him like the coca cola advert. when I next see him, probably next year's CNY.

But... I think I shall just stick to "Hi" and "bye"

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