Friday, July 07, 2006

there's something about ..... Mr chicken rice

Lucky me!

I have heard about former Mandarin-Hotel's Chatterbox's chicken rice chef opening his own stall at Pasir Ris Downtown East, that I kept telling myself to go there one day to eat.

I mean.... surely it can't be Mandarin Hotel's price. And even travelling down to Pasir Ris to and fro, it must still be worth the trip.

To be frank, I really can't remember how Chatterbox's chicken rice taste like. To be even more frank, I thought most chicken rice taste very similar.

To me, chicken rice is categorised as "VERY GOOD", "GOOD" and "BAD".

Fortunately most chicken rice to me belongs to "Good" and above. Thus my lack of motivation to eat at expensive Chicken Rice in Mandarin Hotel. And since it's so infrequent, I really do not remember whether Chatterbox is good or bad.

Anyway... why did I say "Lucky me".

I was lucky because I didn't have to travel all the way to Pasir Ris to try the chicken rice because they opened up a second branch in BISHAN.

And BOY... ain't I lucky. Otherwise I would imagine myself travelling all the way to Pasir Ris, eat the chicken rice.... and CURSE ALL THE WAY BACK HOME!!!!!!

The stall is called "MR CHICKEN RICE". After eating the chicken rice, I almost want to wreck his signboard.

The rice is ordinary.

The chicken is less than ordinary.

The chilli is standard chicken rice chilli.

The black sauce is the cheapest kind. Super watery.

The soup is vegetable soup.

I couldn't believe I was eating a supposedly famous chicken rice. I try to be partial and not place the hype on the brandname and judge the food accordingly.

However, based on my taste bud for chicken rice, this would have been categorised as "BAD". And the fact that this is by somebody supposedly good, I will have to rank this "VERY BAD".

Boon Tong Kee is so much better in comparison.

No wonder chatterbox has to sack him.


cheeky said...

My new blog is up. Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

I tried the one in downtown east.
Worse than the one in Compass Point foodcourt.

KNS is all I can say.

You fav chicken rice kaki

Anonymous said...

where in bishan is the mr chicken rice stall located??

moomooman said...

Hi anonymous no.2, it's located near the neighbourhood centre of Bishan street 24. In that neighbnourhood centre, are 3 coffeeshops. This is the one nearer to Block 288/289.

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