Tuesday, July 11, 2006

there's something about ..... lost and found

On the topic of food again. After my bad experience with Mr Chicken Rice, I recalled another "bad" experience with another famous food about 1-2 months ago.

This is not your famous famous kind of food but it was featured in Makan places: Lost and Found in Channel 5, hosted by Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chia. The show is about finding some of the famous foodstalls that were relocated.

This stall in question was at Lavender Food Centre.

After our hearty meal, decided that our mouth is still abit itchy, we decided to order some light food just to keep our fingers and mouth active.

We saw this POPIAH store with the sign that says "Makan Places: Lost and Found".

We thought "hor say liao.... un-intended also can eat good food", and so we ordered.

After taking a first bite... I look at my wife and ask her to try.

She took a first bite... she look back at me.

It's a scene that we often saw in Korean TV production of the romantic sort.

However, its far from romantic.



Ninabeh. Now I know why this STALL WAS LOST in the first place. Maybe the food was so ordinary that they have to move to another location in search of some dumb-bells.

Just think about it. I open a popiah stall in Ang Mo Kio. After 3 months, my stall close down because my food taste horrible (which nobody will admit). I decided to relocate.

I find another stall in Jurong. I called it ANG MO KIO POPIAH. Consumers thought... "WAH.. must be very good hor... got name after a town one leh". Same old lousy food. Business flourish.

Singaporeans are blinded by popularity (but no substance) food.

For good Popiah... I personally like the one by CHI JI. (translation in chinese: Miracle) Though the standard can vary depending on who is preparing.

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Yanling said...

at least you still have lousy chicken rice and popiah to eat......