Tuesday, July 11, 2006

there's something about ..... zidane

Why did Zidane do it? There are many speculations. Below are some of the different versions:

"He was taunting me throughout the game saying he saw dandruffs on my shoulders"

"I was too tired and they have already make 3 substitutions, so I just have to come out"

"I have won the World Cup, Euro, Champions League, everything.... I just want to do something extraordinary to end my career. Scoring the winning goal is too boring"

"It's an unfair decision. I didn't headbutt him... his chest headbutt my head. He should be the one that got sent off!"

"I betted for 1 red card to happen in the game and I thought Italy will make it happen but didn't, so I take matters in my own head"

"I reckon the only way I can get near the World Cup trophy is to get sent off and walk past it."

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