Monday, December 04, 2006

there's something about ..... southern province of China

I'm not Tan Ah Teck of Under One roof but I did visit the southern province of China.

I was in Teochew, China for "exploration" trip. It's my first trip to China since their economic reform and I'm curious to see how far they have progressed. Of course, if you go to Shanghai or Beijing, you would realise that they are probably way up there.

So I guess the best guage is at a province.

We were picked up by a aquaintance in his car. His car is of the "GEELY" brand that recently made their way to Singapore.

Half way thru the journey, I knew they have progressed. They no longer played Teresa Teng's music in their car. They played this:

I only managed to capture a short one. But the whole version comes with a 1 sentence lyrics that almost everyone in Singapore has heard of :


Wah... They have indeed progressed.

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