Monday, December 11, 2006

there's something about ..... sports

Last night, there was an EPL game between Chelsea and Arsenal. 2 of the most popular soccer clubs in the world playing it out. EPL is the most watched league in the WORLD. You pay a premium just to catch the league in SCV.

As a soccer fan myself, this match is almost certainly not to be missed.

BUT.... instead.... I wasn't watching the match.

I decided to become sissy and I watched Asian Games where Remy Ong is fighting out for the Gold Medal in Bowling.

Yes... I WATCHED BOWLING!!!!!!! Over EPL!!! Over Chelsea vs Arsenal!!!!!!!

BOWLING!!!!!! You know that so-called sports where you throw a ball over 10 standing pins down a lane.

But why did I sacrifice EPL over Bowling?

Because after all these years, I still couldn't figure out how this can be a sport and I need to be convinced!!!

And after watching how Remy loses the Gold Medal, I'm still convinced that Bowling is not a sport.

Your only enemy is yourselves. You play your own game and hope the other party plays badly, and then you win. How the other competitor played doesn't affect you much. It's not like there is a strategy. You always try to go for the maximum knockout everytime you throw the ball. If you couldn't get a strike, it's nobodies' fault. It's something that you couldn't help it. It could be down to luck, it could be down to a slightly wrong twist.

So since you couldn't control your own fate and you couldn't control your opponent's fate, and it's down to luck.... do you call this a Sport?

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