Tuesday, December 05, 2006

there's something about ..... urinating

I think We Chinese, have this problem when it comes to urinating in a public toilet.

In our Singapore toilets, you have posters designed by our local artiste, Chew, on how to urinate properly in Singapore toilet's urinal.

And China has it as well. So I can only conclude that Chinese has a problem using a urinal.

But.. how difficult can it be? Why do we need tips on how to urinate?

It's that simple:

step 1.) you unzip your zipper.

2.) You navigate through your pants to find your penis.

3.) You found it, please make sure you handle it with care.

4.) You try to take it out of your pants through the zipper.

5.) you urinal into whatever it's in front of you.

6.) tap it if necessary to make sure every single drop, drop into whatever it's in front of you.

7.) you put it back to what it was previously.

8.) you zip back only you are very sure your penis is not sticking out of the zipper.

9.) The end.

See..it's that simple in Singapore.

However, in China.... it's a little bit more complicated.

You need a ruler.


Anonymous said...

not only the chinese have this problem, angmohs have this problem too. maybe some people's johnny are too big, and they are afraid it might accidentally touch the urinal. or they are worried about getting pee splashes reflected from the urinal walls back onto themselves?

the result of not urinating properly has an amplifying effect: the first person peeing might accidentally drops a bit on the floor, the second person, who doesn't want to step on the pee deposited by the first person, steps back a bit, and as a result, causes more pee on the floor. The subsequent person, seeing more pee on the floor, steps back even more, and causes even more pee on the floor.

just a theory.

Mr Anonymous

moomooman said...


I guess we are the 2 only moronic fellows who think alot about such things.

Maybe Ministry of Environment should seek our advice.