Friday, December 01, 2006

there's something about ..... "taxi"

This blog post is on a "taxi" that we took on our way back on Thursday morning.

No... I'm not doing my blog on "Momento" style.. which is reverse-chronologically. Just happens that I think this topic link closely with my previous post on luggage.

You see... on on way to the Airport from home at the start of our trip, we actually book a MPV cab. The $16 booking fee is worth it given that we do not have to go on 2 cabs which might be a logistically nightmare.

On our return, of course we are not able to book a cab in time. I was hoping to catch a MPVcab at the Taxi Queue that could transport all my luggages at 1 go plus the 5 of us.

Before I could hit the Taxi Queue, I was "touted" by a guy that offers us "minivan" ride that costs $35. You knew it's touting because he tries to "offer" us inconspicuously by not talking to us directly but merely wispering the offer through the side of his lips.

I told him no and decided to go to the Taxi Queue. My family were all ready for it but I told them that we are not sure about them as they are not from the local taxi firms. My family feels that it's alright because this is Singapore.

I decided to check out the Taxi Queue first and realised that there aren't any MPV in sight. So I return back to the guy and told him that we will accept their offer.

We were led to the basement and I realised that this is actually a "syndicate" offering such niche services. This syndicate has quite a few minivans and he has a proper way of allocating drivers to the minivans.

Of course, I lived to tell this story.

Throughout the whole journey, I didn't feel we were in any danger. It's a mercedes van that moves at a relatively good van speed. The service level is not any different from the local taxi companies. They load and unload your luggages.
But seriously, it's not our fault. There is nothing at the airport that caters to our need. Just imagine... we need 2 cabs, plus luggage fee, plus midnight charge, the total costs would have been nearer to $50.... but seriously it's also the logistic challenge of going on 2 cabs that push us to take up this offer.

In other words, we are satisfied with this "illegal" transportation.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you have heard of Maxi-Cabs, right? Those Mercedes Vito passenger vans, etc. Every trip back from Thailand, Lynn + Xan + me have been taking them back. They are also about $35 and LEGAL. Hehehehe. Super worthwhile, imagine East to West in spacious comfort!

moomooman said...

Yeah... it was one of those from home to airport... but from airport to home... I can't seems to find them. Where they hide?

cheeky said...

yoyoyo welcome back. I'm goin to HK in March. Was wondering whether the pollution is as bad as the newspaper reported. You see I was thinking of bringing along my jogging shoes with me. Anyway, did u make a side trip to Macau?

Anonymous said...

They dun hide lah. They are just a bit further down pass the taxi queue. But before you exit the airport, they would have a counter/booth that says advertise some kind of limo service, if i remember correctly. You just have to tell them you need transport to wherever, the size of your entourage and accompanying luggage for them to determine what vehicle you need.

moomooman said...

yo cheeky,

1.) Pollution is bad. In fact, it's worse than the haze. At least the haze is fire smoke. The pollution there is industrial smoke. In fact, I'm down with cough and others.

2a.) I think your jogging shoes will not be sick as a result of the pollution. So you can bring him/her along to HK. But I would suggest you go to this street known as Fa Yuen Street where you get really cheaper sneakers, (I bought 3 for myself) and you can leave your jogging shoes behind.

2b) Try trekking shoes. Lantau Island has beautiful trekking tracks at the mountains. Lovely.

3.) No. I didn't manage to go Macau. Out of 6 days in HK, I only have 1 clear day and 5 cloudy/rainy days. So I couldn't practise for my gambling. I guess I have to skip the next Betfair Tournament.

moomooman said...
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