Wednesday, April 18, 2007

there's something about ..... 4:30

I just caught the arthouse film "4:30" by Royston Tan of "15" fame. Or should I say... I managed to watch 30 mins of it yesterday.

My support for local movies has finally hit rock bottom, in no small part, thanks to "4:30".

For a more positive review of this movie, please go to

Is it just me? I dunno. But 30 mins of what I saw is enough for me to call it quits. It's too painful to continue to watch.

I dunno which is more painful... giving birth or watching this.

This is a still shot of the movie I've taken from the website and a scene that I have yet to watch in the movie, and I don't intend to.

This show is like a BrokeBack Mountain kind of thing, based on whatever I've observed in the 30 mins.

About this lonely boy who keeps a diary about the man whom they share an apartment. (this man's only attire is his blue boxer shorts)

At 4:30 every morning, this boy would sneak into the man's room and runs through every thing in the room to look for something he could write in his little diary of the man.

The first scene already gross me out.

He found a chopsticks.

Brought it back to his room.

He sniff on the chopsticks.

And he wrote down in his diary what the man may have eaten with the chopsticks.


This sets the tone of the movie and I thought this show can't get any worse. I was dead wrong.

The next scene (which probably took place the next morning at 4:30) is not only downright gross, I makes you so bloody sick!!

The boy was having a shower in the bathtub. He saw the soap used by the man and decided to play with the soap till he came across a pubic hair that got stuck in the soap. He decided to keep the pubic hair.

You thought that was it.

At 4:30 in the morning, he sneak into the room again. He was trying to match the pubic hair he found to see where it came from.

The man always sleep half naked with only his blue boxers shorts. This boy then decides to see if the pubic hair came from the man's head, the body or the man's leg.

Later on, he lift open the man's boxers at the groin area and decided that the pubic hair came from there.

He went to take a scissors and went back into the room and lift the boxers and cut out another pubic hair.

This is the next scene.


He went on to paste the pubic hair in his diary.

This is what I call ART!!!


cheeky said...

Haha most arthouse films are crap. but they do prove that anyone could make a film, talent or no talent. Arthouse craps tend to allocate substantial footages of their films on the most mundane of everyday activities like brushing of teeth, changing of clothes and their no 1 favourite, lying on the bed and staring forlornly at the ceiling couple with very minimum dialogue and change of camera angles.

Anonymous said...

haha...funny post.

Maybe if the lead cast is made of 2 pretty sexy babes, it would be more watchable.

Mr Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mr anonymous,

2 pretty sexy babes, I don't think it's classified as "watchable".

I think a more appropriate term would be "wankable". haha.