Monday, April 30, 2007

There's something about ..... cool

This used to be cool. It was a time when Michael Jackson was still black and human. Of course now we know he is actually Ang Moh and a alien.

This guy, on the other hand, think he is cool. He tries to add hip-hop into his music and tries his very best to look as cool as possible. I got a good laugh.

now, I'm not a big fan of hossan leong. He tries to be funny but his delivery is not. However, this piece of music he composed is rather funny and cool. I must give him credit for it.

now.. this is what I call cool. no pretence. beware of vulgar reference.


cheeky said...

actually he didn't compose that song. some other guy, forgot who compose it. by the way how's the amk hub? heard it's quite a joke. true or not?

coolcat said...

Dangerous~~ wa biang eh!

coolcat said...

Try this one.. also related to the Muar one.

Anonymous said...

what is this amk hub huh? is it a shopping mall, like vivocity? i read about it in some forum, with most people saying it is a failure. maybe moomooman can blog abt it.

Mr Anonymous